5 male celebrities who are in trouble with hair loss

There are many people, regardless of age or gender, who are worried about thinning hair.

Hair loss is a disease caused not only by genetic factors but also by various problems that modern people suffer such as stress, irregular lifestyle and lack of nutrition.

Recently, male celebrities in their 40s and 50s as well as male celebrities in their 20s and 30s have expressed their concerns about hair loss through broadcasts, drawing keen attention from fans.

We introduce male celebrities who are deeply concerned about hair loss but maintain abundant hair through extraordinary management.

1. Block B Zico

Block B Zico shared his concerns about partial hair loss. In 2019, Zico appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”. He revealed that he had partial hair loss due to stress while preparing for the release of the album “THINKING Part.1”.


Zico said, “The whole process of thinking about new songs, making them, taking album jacket photos and checking reviews is stressful. I got a hair loss shot and even received treatment.”

2. Winner Song Mino

Winner Song Mino is also suffering from hair loss. In 2018, Song Mino appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star” and expressed his concerns about hair loss, “During the filming of ‘New Journey to the West’, my hair got ripped off too much while playing games. Originally I’m thin-haired, but it still bothers me because I’m an idol.”


He calmly analyzed the cause of his hair loss, “I like hip-hop and I wear a hat every day, so it seems like I have no hair. My father lost some hair in the middle. I think there’s a genetic influence as well.” Song Mino is said to have received a “hair loss prevention helmet” as a gift from his father. However, Song Mino made everyone burst into laughter as he confessed, “I was so ashamed at such a young age.”

3. MBLAQ Mir

When appearing on KBS2’s “Wise Adult Life” in the past, MBLAQ Mir attracted attention by honestly confessing, “I had my hair planted because I had hair loss.” Mir, who was worried about the so-called “M-patterned baldness”, said that he borrowed the back hair and planted 2,800 hairs on his bangs alone.


Mir was delighted, saying, “I really wanted to do ‘all-back’ hair. I do it after surgery. I’m satisfied.” Mir even received a “hair transplant retouch”. He filmed a video while undergoing surgery and released it on his personal YouTube channel.

4. Super Junior Kim Hee-chul

When appearing on MBN’s “Falling for Korea – Transnational Couples” in 2021, Super Junior Kim Hee-chul announced the fact of his hair loss. Kim Hee-chul said, “Hair loss (management) is more important than appearance (management). I’m using hair loss shampoo to take care of my scalp. I’m putting a lot of effort into managing my hair.”


Kim Hee-chul also expressed his bitter feelings, “In the past, my hair was so thick that they used two bottles of medicine to dye it at the hair salon. There’s too much hair dye left now (since I have thin hair). My hair became thinner.”

5. Actor Lee Seung-gi

In April, Lee Seung-gi mentioned his hair loss on SBS’ “Circle House”. Lee Seung-gi, who heard the story of a cast member who was worried about hair loss to the point of giving up marriage, drew attention by surprisingly confessing, “I’m also taking hair loss medication.”

lee seung gi

Lee Seung-gi expressed his fear of hair loss, “I think only losing hair is hair loss, but thinning hair is the beginning (of hair loss).” Lee Seung-gi seems to be taking hair loss medication as a preventive measure in preparation for losing his hair.

Source: Insight

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