Kep1er poorly treated compared to ZB1, company faces intense criticisms

Fans of girl group Kep1er have been speaking out regarding WAKEONE’s favoritism towards fellow artist ZB1.

Recently, netizens on various Internet forums and SNS platforms have been expressing their frustration towards WAKEONE Entertainment, the agency of Kep1er, ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE), TO1, Jo Yuri, and many more. 

In particular, fans of Kep1er have noticed the huge difference in WAKEONE’s treatment towards Kep1er and ZB1, citing the two group’s birthday livestreams. 

Through screenshots and video cuts from these livestreams, it can be seen that WAKEONE only prepared the most basic items for the birthdays of Kep1er members, including a tiny bento cake for each and empty decorations. 


Meanwhile, for the birthdays of ZB1 members Seok Matthew and Ricky, the company prepared huge cakes with intricate designs, as well as matching decorations in the background.

When putting the images side by side, the difference in treatment is clearly visible, angering Kep1er’s fans, who are demanding WAKEONE to play it fair. 

Source: VKR

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