Showing off extremely high IQ, Hani (EXID) has been continuously criticized by Knetz

Despite her great achievements in study, Korean netizen still keep “throwing bricks” on her.

Recently, on a show, Hani (EXID) shared about her extremely high IQ and TOEIC result. In details, her IQ was 145 and her TOEIC was 900. More specially, Hani only spent 2 months studying and practicing to get that TOEIC result. A normal person has to study very hard for a long time in English centers to reach that result.
Many people even did the test many times but they couldn’t reach 450. Also, Korean people don’t like speaking English and their English pronunciation is not very good because they are used to using  vowels in their own language.

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Hani made the audience surprised because of her 145-point IQ and 900-point TOIEC.
Here are some comments of Knetizens on Nate site:

  • She always lies whenever she opens her mouth…
  • Everyone can study to reach 900 points. That’s clearly not worth being showed off whenever she is on a show.
  • Hani has no evidence for this result. I will believe if she can prove it.

According to some statistics, the average IQ of Korean is 106. Reaching 900 points in TOEIC is not easily at all when every year, there are more than ten millions of people failing TOEIC on the world. This proves that, Hani really tried her best seriously.
What do you think about Hani’s achievements?


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