KBS’s official account is criticized for displaying malicious comments against celebrities

The official YouTube account run by KBS is drawing attention for its ‘malicious comments collection’ videos against celebrities.

The main character of the controversy is ‘DGDG Studio’ YouTube account. It is operated by KBS Cheongju. Apart from KBS’s own interviews, Gag Concert’s legendary videos and documentaries have been edited and released as well. 

kbs youtube

Among them, the content that caused controversy is the so-called ‘comments collection’ video. The ‘comments collection’ video is one of the YouTube videos that enabled Brave Girls’ Rollin’ to get back on charts. It also adds fun to watching fans’ comments in the form of collecting and providing them through videos.

More than 40 comments collection videos have been uploaded to the above-mentioned account. It went from editing the comments of trot singers mainly to idol group performances.

On September 30, a video of IZ*ONE’s performance on ‘Immortal Songs’ was posted. At that time, IZ*ONE’s members covered 2AM Seul-ong and IU’s ‘Nagging’.

kbs youtube
kbs youtube

The problem is that they collected and displayed comments that can only be viewed as ‘malicious comments’ on IZ*ONE’s performance. Comments were pasted one after another, stating bad reviews about the idol group’s singing and dancing skills.

For example, some of the comments are “Legendary ‘Nagging’ that even WIZ*ONEs don’t listen to”, “Chae-won and Eun-bi dragged the group up, but it’s not enough”, “Choi Jun may sing ‘Nagging’ better than this”, “It makes me miss my mom’s nagging”…

In particular, comments criticizing specific members were edited without any censorship, which raised concerns. The video has received much criticism from netizens. One netizen angrily wrote, “I don’t understand why a video of only mocking comments was uploaded on KBS’ official channel. You’re setting the stage for everyone to curse, right?”

kbs youtube
kbs youtube

Another netizen also expressed a negative opinion, “KBS should try to report news about celebrities’ panic disorder in the future. It’s ridiculous to think that they’ll write proper articles after leading malicious comments.”

kbs youtube

In addition, comments collection videos such as ‘Chan-hyuk with GD disease’ and ‘IZ*ONE’s Amor Fati’ also left a sense of disappointment.

It is pointed out that public broadcaster KBS needs to be more cautious as they have declared that they will protect the value of licence fee.

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