Katy Louise Saunders’ queen-like life after giving birth to Song Joong Ki’s first child

Song Joong Ki has shown special care and attention to his wife and son.

Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders are enjoying a blissful marriage as they embrace the happiness of welcoming their firstborn son. It is known that Song Joong Ki’s wife gave birth to their first son in Italy in June of this year. Both the mother and baby are in good health after childbirth.

During this time, Song Joong Ki has almost put his work on hold to wholeheartedly focus on his wife and his son. It was revealed that Song Joong Ki proactively brought his wife to Italy before the birth to ensure Katy Louise Saunders could be close to her parents. This demonstrates the actor’s thoughtfulness towards his wife.

Korean media outlets suggest that Katy Louise Saunders is living a “queen-like” life after giving birth to Song Joong Ki’s son. Since their marriage, Song Joong Ki has dedicated himself entirely to his wife, while preparing for a very prosperous and wealthy life for both of them.

Real Estate Investments Worldwide

Recently, Korean media reported that Song Joong Ki has acquired another luxurious apartment in Hawaii. It is known that this apartment is located in a building reserved for the affluent in Hawaii.

Notably, the price of this apartment has been steadily rising in recent years, as Hawaii has become an ideal vacation destination for billionaires and global superstars. According to reports, Song Joong Ki’s apartment has an area of approximately 150 square meters with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.

This source also reveals that Song Joong Ki and his wife plan to use this place as a vacation spot for the entire family.

In addition to the villa in Hawaii, Song Joong Ki also owns a highly valuable house in South Korea. It is known that Song Joong Ki’s residence in South Korea is worth approximately 20 billion won. This house has 3 underground floors and 2 above-ground floors, with a total floor area of nearly 1,000 square meters. It is expected that when their son grows older, Song Joong Ki will bring his wife back to live in this place when they return to South Korea.

Furthermore, the Korean media reports that for the convenience of long-term living in Rome, Italy, Song Joong Ki has also purchased a house for himself there. Although the value of the house has not been disclosed, considering the high real estate prices in Italy, it is certain that Song Joong Ki’s house is also expensive.

Katy Louise Saunders' queen-like life

And with Song Joong Ki’s pampering of his wife, this is undoubtedly a well-equipped and luxurious residence. On his Instagram, Song Joong Ki has shared some images of his life in Rome. Although not confirmed, it seems that this is his house in Italy. From the revealed images, the house appears luxurious and antique, with spacious bathrooms.

High-End Shopping Spree

Since his wife became pregnant, Song Joong Ki has provided the most luxurious life possible for her. It is known that when in South Korea, Song Joong Ki’s wife used to shop for children’s clothing at the most upscale stores in South Korea. According to the disclosure, most of the children’s clothing in the store where Song Joong Ki’s wife shopped cost around 400,000 won per item. If it was a set of clothing, it could go up to 600,000 won.

Katy Louise Saunders' queen-like life

The Korean media reports that this is a familiar place for upper-class, super-rich families in South Korea when they want to buy clothing for their children.

Katy Louise Saunders' queen-like life

In Italy, when his wife was preparing to give birth, Song Joong Ki often accompanied her to expensive shopping districts. According to netizens, Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders were often seen at upscale stores in Rome.

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