Kang Ki Doong talked about his time as Jin Hyung Joon of “Reborn Rich”

Actor Kang Ki Doong expressed his thoughts as “Reborn Rich” is reaching its final episode.

On Dec 25th, Kang Ki Doong, who played Jin Hyung Joon, expressed his feelings ahead of the end of JTBC’s Friday-Saturday-Sunday drama “Reborn Rich” through his agency Hunus Entertainment. “Thank you for loving ‘Reborn Rich’,” he said. “It was a happy and heartwarming winter thanks to the warm interest and affection you guys sent me.”

My heart felt so warm watching ‘Reborn Rich’ as I remembered the pleasant memories during the filming period,” he said. “I hope you will watch the final episode, which will air today, too.”

In particular, he summoned his role Jin Hyung Joon in his closing speech, leaving a witty greeting. Kang said, “Let’s not live in hell for money. Take all my love. So please give me all your love, too.” This is a line that appeared in the scene where Jin Hyung Joon’s feelings toward his younger brother were revealed. Just like his role, Kang Ki Doong left a lingering heartwarming atmosphere in the air until the end of “Reborn Rich.”

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Kang Ki Doong played an active role in revealing the trend of the background eras in the drama. By showing various variations in one character called Jin Hyung Joon, Actor Kang Ki Doong made viewers laugh with his solid acting skills and excellent tension control, as well as his ability to perfectly digest his character. He once again imprinted the name Kang Ki Doong in the minds of viewers, proving his name as a scene stealer.

Meanwhile, Kang Ki Doong will meet the audience once again as Adrian of the stage play “On the Beat,” which will be held at TOM on Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul until January 1st, 2023.

Source: OSEN

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