Ahn Yujin made fans worried because she didn’t appear as an ‘Inkigayo’ MC for 4 weeks in a row

Ahn Yujin (former IZ*ONE member) has reportedly not appeared on ‘Inkigayo’ as an MC.

Ahn Yujin

On the broadcast of SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on October 10th, ITZY Yuna joined as a special MC and led the show. Ahn Yujin has not appeared on ‘Inkigayo’ since her last broadcast before being infected on August 22nd.

Previously, after an external staff member was confirmed infected on August 28th, Ahn Yujin also got a PCR test. She received a ‘negative’ result on the next day.

Ahn Yujin was subject to self-quarantine due to her close contact with people who got infected. While self-quarantining, she developed symptoms, such as sore throat and fever on the morning of the 3rd of last month.

Ahn Yujin

In the end, she was diagnosed with C*vid-19 on the morning of September 4th. On October 16th, the company announced that she was already cured.

Fans are worried because the feâle idol still didn’t appear on ‘Inkigayo’ as a fixed MC for 4 weeks in a row.

Ahn Yujin

In this regard, both ‘Inkigayo’ and her company, Starship Entertainment, stayed silent and have not made any specific statement yet.

Meanwhile, Ahn Yujin (former IZ*ONE member) was recently selected as an advertising model for a famous education company.

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