The reason why there is no controversy over Kim Hye-soo’s personality

Actress Kim Hye-soo, who is being well-received around the world thanks to Netflix’s “Juvenile Justice”, released a lovely behind-the-scenes video.

In a video uploaded on Kim Hye-soo‘s Instagram on the afternoon of March 8th, she was transforming into Shim Eun-seok while wearing a judge’s robe. Shim Eun-seok is a principled person who hates juvenile offenders, but Kim Hye-soo is actually lovely. She drew attention as her eyes and atmosphere changed depending on the director’s “cut” sound.

Juvenile Justice-Kim Hye Soo

Above all, she created warmth by taking care of her colleagues on the set. Kim Hye-soo patted her partner Kim Mu-yeol‘s face lovingly as well as hugged and cheered for young actors and staff.

Juvenile Justice-Kim Hye Soo

Previously, Kim Mu-yeol expressed his infinite affection towards Kim Hye-soo, “She asked her juniors a lot of questions. She said that she learned a lot from us. How can you still maintain that attitude? If I have to work with someone again, I want to work with Kim Hye-soo.”

Juvenile Justice-Kim Hye Soo

Meanwhile, “Juvenile Justice” starring Kim Hye-soo and Kim Mu-yeol tells the story that Shim Eun-seok, who is known for her dislike of juveniles, gets appointed as judge of a juvenile court. It was released on Netflix on February 25th and has been receiving favorable reviews around the world.

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