Kang Dong Won shared about his ambition to become a movie director

Famous actor Kang Dong Won expressed his aim to actively participate in film production alongside acting. 

On May 27th, Kang Dong Won had an interview with a Korean reporter about his upcoming movie “Broker” at a hotel in Cannes, France. 

In this interview, the actor said “It’s natural to continue filming good works”, when asked about his goals after managing to appear at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival as a leading actor. 

kang dong-won

He also expressed his desire not only for acting, but also for film production, saying: “I have been preparing for various things since a few years ago, and I want to be more active in directing in the future.”

The actor also added that he often comes up with new film synopsis and that he has written 2 fantasy movies, which raised fans’ expectations. 

kang dong-won
Actor Kang Dong Won shared about his ambition to become a director

However, when asked about the release and future production of his works, the actor declined. “I don’t know what will happen”, Kang Dong Won said. 

According to Kang Dong Won, who has over 20 years of experience, when choosing a script, the most important thing is its scenario, saying: “I have a strong tendency to dislike similar things, so I have done 10 works with new directors. I’m strangely attracted to such projects, and would often talk a lot with the director and the production crew.” 

Kang Dong Won recently attended the 75th Cannes International Film Festival as a major cast member of “Broker”, a film directed by Hirokazu Koreeda. 

“Broke” revolves around the special journey of people related to a service called “baby box”, and is scheduled to be released in Korea on June 8th. The highly-anticipated film will feature Kang Dong Won, Song Kang Ho, Bae Doo Na, IU, and more. 

kang dong-won
Kang Dong Won will return as a major cast member in the movie “Broker”. 

Source: Insight

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