K-netizens React to How Sweet BLACKPINK’s Jennie Is To Her Masternims

Jennie’s sweet actions make not only her masternims but netizens smile

On September 24, a Korean netizen made a post on the popular online community Nate Pann, praising Jennie’s kind actions to her masternims (fans who take high-quality photos of idols).

The post lists out some stories Jennie’s masternims told about her, including her bowing to them, making heart poses for them and even post their photos on her Instagram with the caption “Pretty photos BLINKs took of me.”

Original post : pann

In the comment section, people are coming in with more stories and praises for Jennie.

[+115,-2] Story 2
Masternim, “I don’t remember when but anyway, one day I went to the airport (to see Jennie) while being super tan. I was talk to her and suddenly she asked, “But why are you so tan?” with 100% worried expressions lol.

[+85,-3] Jennie’s masternim’s fluttering story
“Since I don’t have a good memory I might forgot a lot of details.
Jennie asked me a lot of questions such as “Should I cut my hair?” “Should tuck my hair?” “Should I wear sunglasses?” “My lips do not have any color now, right?”

[+65,-2] The masternim is going to be so happy, the singer whom she’s a big fan of likes the pictures she took. It makes me want to become a masternim lol.

As of 4PM September 25 (KST), the post has gathered approximately 170,000 views and countless comments.

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