aespa Karina’s slim but curvy body during a performance has been drawing attention

Karina, a member of aespa, is often praised for her innocent visuals. However, while on stage, she’s full of power with an ideal figure. 

Last month, aespa attended the “KAMP LA K-pop festival”, which was held in Los Angeles, USA, and welcomed overseas fans.

On the stage, aespa showed off a splendid performance by singing their hit song “Next Level”. Here, while other members showed off their various charms and captivated the hearts of fans, Karina‘s beautiful dance line became a hot topic. 

From an “arrogant beauty”, extraordinary curves, to her dancing skills, it’s no exaggeration to say that Karina is perfection itself. 

aespa karina kamp la

Dressed in a tight navy outfit, Karina danced diligently to the fast beat with her long hair fluttering. Her cat-like visuals and small face also constantly delivered facial expressions that match the song, exuding an alluring charm. 

Normally, with her skin as fair as Snow White, Karina is known for her soft, elegant, and innocent vibe. However, on the stage of KAMP LA K-pop festival, the styling and aura of Karina was completely different. 

aespa karina kamp la

Her lean and strong body, as well as hourglass figure, is the standard of glamor.

Seeing this appearance of Karina, fans both at home and abroad poured out rave reviews and left comments like, “She not only has a pretty face, but also a legendary body, and she sings well”, “Karina has no flaw at all”, and “She is really perfect”.

aespa karina kamp la

On the other hand, on November 17th, aespa held a live broadcast to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of their debut through Instagram.

On this day, Karina caught the attention of fans by matching a black cardigan with a tight-fitting top, revealing her surprisingly sexy and mature figure.

Source: Insight

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