K-netizens Feel Bad For RIIZE Members Following Seunghan’s Controversies

Netizens believe that the controversial Seunghan has damaged RIIZE’s image too much

A netizen on Nate Pann drew attention as they confessed their feelings about RIIZE after the recent scandal of member Seunghan broke out, drawing attention.

The netizen said, “The group got criticized even before their debut due to Seunghan and Sohee. ‘Get a Guitar’ was released and became viral so they successfully impressed the public…Then suddenly, ‘Talk Sexy’ came out… SM let them do a challenge with BJs so it suddenly lowered the group’s level. I feel so pity for the other members. Wonbin made a mistake when using slang but he was just being too honest. SungSho (Sungchan & Shotaro) must have had a lot of expectations since this is their re-debut. I feel so sad for them.”


They added, “In my class alone, most of the students and even my homeroom teacher like RIIZE. The kids and non-fans are doing ‘Get a Guitar’ choreography. There are still many good members except for Sohee and Seunghan. They are damaging the group’s image. The group doesn’t have many fans due to the controversial members so their streaming power is not good. Another problem just popped out… What should other members do now?”

Original post: Nate Pann

In response, other netizens commented

– The challenge with BJ incident is so serious… U-know Yunho with sexual incident but the company still let him come back and even appear on a children’s program. That’s disgusting

– I just feel so sorry for Sungchanㅋㅋ You will understand it if you’re a BRIIZE. Sungchan is not close to that kid. He’s always with Anton and Eunseokㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– But I think their recent song is better than ‘Get a Guitar’…

– Talk Sexy… The song is normal. I hope they pick the next song well. Let NCT do neo performances. Please choose easy-listening songs for RIIZE and set their direction well…

– Sohee is very talented, I don’t understand why he is being criticized. I think there will be no problem if Seunghan leaves the group. If Seunghan continues to stay, the group’s image will be severely damaged

– Leave the group. I don’t want Sungchan and Shotaro to suffer more

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