K-drama Actress Who Debuted in a Girl Group but Nobody Knew

1997-born actress Choi Moon Hee has gained much popularity recently with her striking visuals and innocent charm.

Choi Moon Hee made her debut as high school senior sniper Lee Nara in Tving original series ‘Duty After School,’ which was released in March.

Prior to her acting career, Choi Moon Hee first entered the entertainment industry as a member of the girl group MyB in 2015.

Choi Moon Hee

After experiencing the hardship of her group disbanding just one year later, she made a comeback with another rookie girl group, Bonus Baby, but did not receive much attention.

She also demonstrated her determination on the JTBC idol survival program ‘MIXNINE,’ ultimately making it to the final debut lineup, but her debut plans fell through, leading her down a different path.

Now actively pursuing her career as an actress, Choi Moon Hee stated in an interview, “My motto and strength are ‘diligence.’ However, diligence is not an advantage that can be recognized overnight, so I want to be recognized as ‘that friend is truly diligent and a responsible actress’ by working for a long time.”

Choi Moon Hee

She also revealed a special connection with Kim Jong Kook on a variety show, “When I debuted as a member of the girl group ‘MyB’ in 2015, Kim Jong Kook and I were in the same agency. It was when I was in the middle of dieting, eating chicken breast and all that…” reminiscing about that time.

To this, Kim Jong Kook responded, “I completely remember who she is. Back then, she said she was going on a survival show,” and Choi Moon Hee added, “Recently, I’ve completely transitioned into an actress.”

Source: daum.

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