JYP to introduce a Kpop group with full American members?

Kpop agency JYP Entertainment has announced its plan to create an American-based “Global Kpop group”.

In a recent episode of “A2K”, an audition show hosted by JYP Entertainment, the agency’s founder and executive producer J. Y .Park (also known as Park Jin Young), announced his intention to create a new global Kpop group. 

In particular, through auditions held in various US locations, J. Y. Park aims to find the lineup for an American-based Kpop group with full American members. Moreover, the group in question will be trained fully in the US, using a Kpop training regime. 

park jin young

Meanwhile, “A2K” (also known as “A2K Project”) is an audition show with the aim to debut a global Kpop group, held by JYP in collaboration with Republic Records. Using the Kpop training system and JYP’s producing capabilities, a girl group with American members will be created. 

However, many netizens question if the girl group can be called “Kpop” if there are no Korean members.

On the other hand, JYP, in combination with Sony Music, previously achieved success with the same model through “Nizi Project”, an audition show which introduced the highly-successful Japanese girl group NiziU. 

Source: VKR

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