3 female celebrities whose faces are most favored by women who are about to get plastic surgery

A plastic surgeon is drawing attention as he mentioned the “Top 3 female celebrity faces” that are most demanded by his customers.

On March 13th, a video titled, “Things that even plastic surgeons can’t fix”, was posted on the Youtube channel “BODA”. The released video showed plastic surgery specialist Lee Kang-woo talking about various topics related to plastic surgery.

When asked, “Which celebrities whose photos are used as examples by many customers?”, he said, “There is a Top 3. 70-80% of customers pick Shin Se-kyung. Those who are a little shy when showing pictures usually choose Shin Se-kyung”.

shin se kyung

He continued, “Actress Oh Yeon-soo is also requested a lot, and many people recently choose aespa’s Winter”, adding, “This person’s nose was very wide but it got thinner now. It was a big change. ‘They can really change this much’, many people are surprised and often react like that”.

He added, “Customers tend to bring photos of people who are famous at specific times to me”.

When asked, “Have you ever received any photo from an unexpected celebrity?”, he said, “I had a male patient who was in his mid-20s and he brought a picture of Shin Se-kyung”, explaining that he was really shocked and confused.


According to the specialist, his customers often show pictures and say, “I know it’s not possible, but please make it look similar to this”.

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