Fans are touched with BTS’s reason to cancel fan meeting at Music Bank

BTS decided to not meet fans outside Music Bank recording station in order to avoid rushing and pushing situation that could affect other artists.

After the historic stage at Billboard Music Awards 2018, BTS members started their promotion for the latest album at Korean music shows.
Yesterday (May 25th), BTS had some performances at Music Bank. Usually, on the recording day, artists show up outside of the recording station to greet their fans. That’s the place where masternims have chances to capture some photos of their idols. However, different from other idol groups, BTS was absent from this meeting. The group only took part in pre-recording and the winning encore.
BTS members didn’t meet their fans outside Music Bank building
After learning about fans’ question about this issue, Korean media explained about BTS’s absence from the meeting location. The reason was that BTS worried there might be a chaos because of the member’s appearance. This is the “pressing issue” at Music Bank location. There have been many controversies about fans of idol groups rushing and pushing other people just to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols. The incident in which Kim Samuel and UP10TION were harshly pushed by NCT fansites’ masternims had infuriated many people. Therefore, for the sake of other people’s safety, BTS decided to not meet fans outside the recording station, making sure that no unfortunate incident would take place. Instead, BTS took another route to enter the recording station.
BTS members are so thoughtful and considerate that fans are touched by them. Obviously, if BTS showed up in front of fans and reporters, the group would have opportunity to appear more on the media. Yet, the group skipped this chance to protect ARMYs and other fandoms.

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