JYP introduced Sull Yoon, who is expected to be the visual of the their new girl group

JYP Entertainment has revealed Sull Yoon, the 4th member of their new girl group, which is scheduled to debut in February 2022.

On the 6th of last month, JYP had posted a dance cover video on their new Youtube channel called “JYPn” to introduce the first 3 members of their new girl group: Jinny, Ji Woo, and Gyu Jin. The dance cover video in which 3 members showed off their own charismas successfully attracted great attention from KPOP fans and rapidly surpassed 1 million views on Youtube only 5 days after its release.

Due to enthusiastic reactions, on August 20, JYP continued to release Jinny’s solo cover content with various behind-the-scenes footage. Jinny, whom netizens recognized by the name “pink pants”, has heated up various online discussions and is expected to be a rising star of KPOP.

Therefore, at 0 PM KST on September 3, JYP unlocked a new cover video called “Full Moon Cover | QUALIFYING” and introduced Sull Yoon. Sull Yoon is the 4th member of JYP’s new girl group to be revealed to the public and is drawing much attention.

In front of the background that looks like it was filmed at home, Sull Yoon performed the song “Full Moon” of Sunmi and shone with her special stage presence. The song created a mysterious atmosphere of the full moon that harmonized with Sull Yoon’s strong vocal to get the viewers immersed in the performance. Especially, Sull Yoon’s visual really stands out from the previous members, raising great expectations from the netizens for JYP’s new faces.

Earlier, JYP established Division 4 for the project of debuting their new girl group in 2022. In July, with the slogan “GRAB YOUR FUTURE”, the company launched a weird promotion of selling the girl group’s debut album “Blind Package” on various domestic and foreign sites even though no information about the group had been revealed at that time. However, due to the strong public’s trust in JYP, the album sales reached 61,667 pre-orders. Netizens are expecting JYP to create another “hot girl group”. Recently, the company has opened an official ticketing website to conduct promotion activities for their new girl group. Through this website, all the information related to the new faces of JYP will be revealed one by one, including the team members and their concepts.

In addition, the name “JYPn” of JYP Division 4 means next, now, new, and an unknown “n”. With the unexpected “n”, netizens are raising high expectations for the company to create a new wave in KPOP.

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