Had sex with another man, a woman was threatened by her boyfriend

A woman expressed her uncomfortable feelings as she had sex with another man, not the boyfriend who she had been dating for 6 years.

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

Content Warning

Recently, a post was uploaded on an online community, said, “My boyfriend is threatening to reveal my sex video. Please help me. I’m suffering a hard time to the point that I want to die.”

She shared that she had a boyfriend who she had been dating for 6 years. However, she admitted that she did make a mistake and regretted it a lot.

She had sex with another man at her boyfriend’s house, and his boyfriend threatened to reveal her sex videos.

Her boyfriend had a store, and they often met 2 times a week. However, one day, his parents also set up a store in his hometown, so he decided to spend his weekend helping his parents at their store.

The boyfriend raised a cat and a dog, so he asked her to come and take care of them for him when he was out. Since then, the girlfriend often came to the boyfriend’s house to take care of his pets.

Until recently, she invited a male friend to come to the house. They ate chicken and drink beer that day. She confessed that she made a mistake that day, but she didn’t even remember that.

She said that she often invited that male friend to the house, and they spent more time together since then. One day, her boyfriend suddenly came home. He got angry when he saw his girlfriend was with another man. That man ran away immediately; after that, the boyfriend threatened the girlfriend that he had a CCTV in his house and he would use it to ruin her life.

The boyfriend installed the CCTV to watch his pets. Unfortunately, what he got from the CCTV were the footage of his girlfriend having sex with another man.

Being threatened, the girlfriend begged for forgiveness through numerous messages and calls on Kakaotalk. However, her boyfriend replied with abusive words and threatened to ruin her life.

She wrote in her post saying, “I keep in touch with him, but I’m scared of looking at Kakaotalk. It makes me go crazy, and I want to die. I’m feeling angry at the CCTV footage, but I also feel disappointed in myself.” She asked the Internet users for advice: “What should I do? Should I report it? I did make a mistake, but I don’t think it will result in this bad situation. Please tell me how to deal with this issue.”


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