Jung Soo-jung “‘Cobweb’ = turning point, I’m also eager for singing activities”

Actress Jung Soo-jung opened up about her new path through “Cobweb”

In a recent meeting at a café in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Jung Soo-jung discussed various aspects of her role in the movie “Cobweb” (directed by Kim Jee-woon).

“Cobweb” is about director Kim Yeol (Song Kang-ho), who is obsessed with the fact that the ending of the movie Cobweb, which was filmed in the 1970s, would be better if remade. It is a film that depicts the sad and funny things that happen while filming under conditions. Jung Soo-jung plays the role of “Han Yu-rim”, a new actress who is rapidly growing in popularity in Cobweb.


Jung Soo-jung stated, “I was very honored when director Kim Jee-woon approached me for this role. Even if it was a brief appearance, I naturally wanted to take on the role. Even before reading the script, I thought it would be a good experience.

She continued, “After reading the script, I wanted to do it even more. During the filming, it felt comfortable and fun. Everyone, including senior actors and the director, made me feel at ease, so it felt like going to a playground.

Regarding her character “Han Yu-rim”, Jung Soo-jung shared, “I asked the director how to portray ‘Han Yu-rim’ without making her seem unlikable. I asked if I was using too many facial expressions or if she would come off as too annoying. The director said that because she’s passionate about her work, she should be portrayed this way. I found it convincing.


Jung Soo-jung expressed her eagerness for future activities, “I’m not afraid of change, and I want to do everything. I haven’t tried melodrama yet. I didn’t purposely avoid pursuing a singing career; the timing just didn’t work out. This era seems to have less prejudice against ‘acting idols’. If I can do it all, I would love that. Singing and acting are different, but they complement each other. During my time as a singer, I learned about team activities, and in acting, I’m not doing it alone. Dancing also helped a lot with action scenes.

Finally, Jung Soo-jung expressed her hopes for the success of “Cobweb”, saying, “If many people watch it, ‘Cobweb’ could become a turning point in my acting career.

Source: Daum

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