Knet keeps criticizing SM music but then gradually falls in love: GOT The Beat’s new song rapidly increases in rank

Indeed, with GOT The Beat’s super-quality line-up, the music becomes good no matter how much criticism it receives.

SM’s super girl group project – GOT The Beat has left a strong impression with an extremely high-quality lineup. However, since their official debut with “Step Back“, the group has not had many impressive achievements. It was even complained that the lyrics were outdated, weird, and wasted the talents of the members.

However, this is not surprising as SM’s music makes everyone hates it at first, but gradually become addicted to it. “Step Back” is no exception when Knet’s reaction has begun to change, bringing the song up on digital music charts.

GOT The Beat rank music chart
Taking quite a while to get used to it, now Koreans have started to absorb GOT The Beat’s “Step Back”
GOT the beat (Girls On Top) – Step Back Live Performance | SMTOWN LIVE 2022

On January 10th, Step Back has achieved new milestones consecutively. On Melon chart, in just a few hours, this song has climbed from #13, #12 to #11 even. The song also shown positive signs on other charts.

GOT The Beat rank music chart
At 8:30, “Step Back” ranks at only 13th on Melon
GOT The Beat rank music chart
But by 10 o’clock, they welcomed a series of new milestones on the chart

Knet all had to admit that although the lyrics are still bad, the melody is addictive and the lineup is full of quality and selectively chosen members. Everyone is urging SM to further promote the group.

  • Both the members and the beat are addictive, I just hate every part of the lyrics.
  • The lyrics are such a mess but the melody is so addictive that people must all have it on repeat. Basically, this lineup is already top-notch.
  • I wish SM would promote this song more. Please post more choreography videos and behind-the-scenes recordings.
  • I’ve liked this song from the beginning, it’s just the lyrics that don’t feel right.
  • I’ve always been attracted to the “level~ level~” part, I’ve been listening to it constantly in the shower.
  • This song is better with time, the more you listen to it, the better it becomes.
  • Work hard, SM! Why not quickly release more content about the group, what are you waiting for?
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