TWICE’s new MV is making everyone cry over a QR Code… What’s the story?

Reactions towards TWICE’s “Talk that Talk” MV are more heated than ever.

At 1PM (KST) on August 26th, TWICE released their music video for the title song “Talk that Talk” of their 11th mini album “BETWEEN 1&2” on their official YouTube channel. The video exudes at intense charisma and fully embraces TWICE’s unique charm. 

2 minutes and 51 seconds into this 2 minutes and 54 seconds video, a mysterious QR code briefly appeared. As it turns out, fans and netizens have quickly decoded the QR and are showing enthusiastic responses. 

The QR code at the end of TWICE’s new song “Talk that Talk”

In particular, if you scan this QR code, which appears for only 1 second, you will be taken to a post published on TWICE’s official Instagram on November 3rd, 2015. It was the day that TWICE’s fandom name, “ONCE” was announced. 

At that time, Twice uploaded a picture of all members at a restaurant, along with a sincere caption that touches hearts: “Many fans liked the word “ONCE”. “ONCE & TWICE” is something that feels like a thread and a needle. No matter how much love we get, we will surely repay fans with double the love you give us. A relationship is difficult to form even if it’s just passing through in life, and as much as you love us like this, we will be an unforgettable TWICE that you can’t forget even once you see us. ONCE & TWICE, let’s go together until the end. We love you”.

TWICE’s official SNS post on November 3rd, 2015 

Below are some comments from netizens after the revelation of the QR code:

  • I am in tears even though I’m a fan of another group 
  • I want to be a ONCE
  • Why am I crying 
  • Wow, it was the time ONCE was named…
  • TWICE is perfect love 
  • I’m in tears right now
  • ONCE is a fool for TWICE 

On the other hand, TWICE’s new title “Talk that Talk” boasts an exciting beat and addictive melody in harmony with the lovely message “Tell me everything in your heart!” Composer Lee Woo Min (collapsedone), who created TWICE’s hit songs such as ‘”Knock Knock” and “The Fields”, was in charge of composing and producing the track, and the famous K-pop lyricist team “danke” wrote the lyrics.

Source: wikitree

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