Suzy, “Why am I so into painting? To get rid of trivial thoughts… I also have a small art studio”

Singer-actress Suzy revealed the reason she fell in love with painting.

Suzy, who plays the main character in drama “Anna”, appeared on SBS’s entertainment program “MMTG”, which aired on the evening of July 1st, and shared some interesting talks with Jae Jae.

On the broadcast, Jae Jae asked Suzy why she fell in love with painting. In response, Suzy confessed, “To get rid of trivial thoughts. I didn’t learn how to draw but I just draw about my own feelings freely without caring about others’ words. I feel really comfortable when drawing and it also helps me organize my thoughts well.

Suzy added, “I paint the drawing with oil paint and acrylic paint”, surprising everyone by revealing that she even set up her own small art studio.

Suzy said that she once sat in a park in Paris, France and drew. Describing the situation at that time, he said, “I went to a park in Paris. I sat in a park next to a department store. There was a man in a hoodie and he was reading a book with his earphones on”, adding, “I carefully took a glance at him and drew. He looked cool. So I drew him. I actually drew better than I expected.”

When Jae Jae asked if she gave the man her drawing, Suzy said that he left while she was finishing the painting. 

Source: daum

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