Jung Hae-in and Ji Chang-wook to guest on tvN’s “House on Wheels 3”

Actors Jung Hae-in and Ji Chang-wook visit “House on Wheels 3.” 

According to a report by Spotv News on Nov 24th, Jung Hae-in and Ji Chang-wook recently finished the recording for tvN’s entertainment program “House on Wheels 3.” The broadcast date of the corresponding filming is still undecided.

Jung Hae-in and Ji Chang-wook are expected to be the most powerful lineup of guests in the history of “House with Wheels.” Jung Hae-in, who rose to stardom with the drama “Something In the Rain”, recently succeeded in the Netflix’s original “D.P.”, proving his ability once again. Ji Chang-wook is currently filming Netflix’s original “The Sound of Magic” and working hard in the new drama “If You Say Your Wish.”

In addition, Jung Hae-in and Ji Chang-wook are deeply related to the cast of “House on Wheels 3.” Jeong Hae-in met Sung Dong-il in the tvN drama “Prison Playbook” and Kim Hee-won in the movie “The King’s Case Note”. Ji Chang-wook, along with Sung Dong-il, is acting in the drama “If You Say Your Wish”. Due to that, their strong chemistry is even more highly expected.

House on Wheels 3

House on Wheels 3” is an entertainment program in which Sung Dong-il, Kim Hee-won, and Gong Myung roam around the country on a wheeled house and invite the precious people of their lives to come and live a day with them. The show airs every Thursday at 8:40 p.mon tvN.

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