Yoona’s manager (SNSD) buzzed the internet when savagely smashing the illusion of shipping fans

In front of frantic fans who like to ship Yoona with male artists, the manager of the idol gave his savage response!

One of the favorites of KPOP fans is the passion for pairing the artists together regardless of the truth. With this type of imagination without borders, fans can write beautiful love stories and imagining them looking at each other’s eyes and dig up the expression of idols to come to conclusions: “They are a match made in heaven”. There have been many unwilling couples born this way. Almost every group has (at least) a male-male or female-female couple being shipped by a powerful group of fans.

In fact, many artists know about their being shipped but due to the image, they are unable to respond or make any publicly protest. The idols usually turn a blind eye on these things. Recently, Yoona‘s manager (SNSD) has caused a fever when smashing the impulsively shipping act from fans during the past time which affects the life and image of the female idol.

  • Fan: Yoona Sehun

Manager: You have too much illusion

  •   Fan: My illusion is true.

Manager : Only in dreams.

  • Fan: Wow, oppa, you kicked their ship away. What about Yoona x Ji Changwook, Yoona x Lee Seunggi coming back together, how about Yoona x Siwon being supported by so many people? Are they all fake?

Manager : That’s right, all of them are delusional.

  • Fan: So, Yoona x Hong Jonghyun? There are some people who just ship them to ruin Yoona’s image.

 Manager: Friends only. Don’t ask more about her friend.

  • Fan: So what about Yoona x Li Deng Feng?

 Manager: No and don’t ask any more questions.

  • Fan: What about V (BTS) x Yoona, Hong Jonghyun and Yoona are just rumors, right?

Manager: That’s right.

Shocked by the frank and savage response from the manager, Chinese netizens pushed the keyword “Manager of Lin Yifei (Yoona) smashed the ships” to the top of the social network of Weibo. Only if all managers are like this, none of the nonsense shipping will exist!

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