Jo Jung-suk To Appear On Music Variety Show by “Youth Over Flowers” PD

Actor Jo Jung-suk is expected to challenge a music entertainment program

According to SPOTV News’s report on September 22nd, Jo Jung-suk is discussing the plan to appear on tvN’s new music entertainment program organized by PD Yang Jung-woo.

PD Yang Jung-woo has produced various popular programs, such as “The Ramyeonator”, “Racket Boys”, etc. Jo Jung-suk worked with him once in “Youth Over Flowers – Iceland”. This ‘Dream team’ combination of Jo Jung-suk and PD Yang Jung-woo, who provided various fun through “Youth Over Flowers – Iceland”, will reunite to launch a new program.

jo jung suk

Jo Jung-suk made his debut as a music cal actor but he has talents in music. He has gained recognition for his outstanding singing skills and powerful vocal through numerous musicals. Especially in tvN’s hit drama “Hospital Playlist”, he impressed everyone by showcasing excellent performances in both acting and music. At the 2021 MAMA Awards, he won Best OST with “Hospital Playlist” OST “I Like You”.

This time, Jo Jung-suk will take advantage of his talent to challenge himself in a music entertainment program. In particular, he also revealed his enthusiasm for music programs in an interview earlier.

Apart from acting and singing, Jo Jung-suk is also known for his cheerful personality and great sense of entertainment through various programs, such as “Hospital Playlist Camping Special”, “Youth Over Flowers”, “Hospital Playlist: Three Meals A Day”, etc. Therefore, expectations are high on what Jo Jung-suk will show in a music variety show.

In response to the news, Jo Jung-suk’s agency JAM Entertainment told SPOTV News, “It is true that Jo Jung-suk received an offer, but nothing has been confirmed”.

Source: Daum

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