Jo In Sung praised for renting an entire theater & inviting fans to watch his new movie, “It’s rare to see an actor doing that”

Actor Jo In Sung drew admiration with the way he expressed his love for fans.

It is known that Jo In Sung always rents a theater using his own money and invites his fans every time he releases a new movie.

With the release of his new film “Smugglers”, the actor once again rented an entire movie theater to invite members of his official fanclub. Above all, he also visited the theater with other actors and surprised fans with a stage greeting. 

Jo In sung

At the event, the actor shared, “It’s been a long time since I last met everyone in a place like this. ‘Smugglers’ was filmed 2 years ago and I’ve always wanted to let you watch it quickly. In the second half of this year, I will meet you through many works, such as ‘Smugglers’, ‘Moving’ and ‘Unexpected Business’. I think this is the first time in 25 years that I’ve been this active”. He added, “I intended to meet everyone alone, but senior and junior actors would like to greet you all, so we came together. Thank you so much”, expressing his gratitude to “Smugglers” cast and staff.

He continued, “I’ve always appreciated your love, support, and care for me ever since my debut. It’s not easy to give someone unchanging love, isn’t it?”.

Jo In sung

An official commented, “A small number of fans who win events are often invited to movie premieres but it is rare to see an actor renting a whole theater with his own money to invite fans. It’s even more amazing that he does it every time, not just once or twice”, adding “I think Jo I Sung’s love for fans is from his desire to show them his working results first and repay their support.”

Meanwhile, “Smugglers” premiered on July 26th, and Jo In Sung’s upcoming series “Moving” will be released on Disney+ on August 9th.

Source: Daum

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