Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon’s drama “Destined With You” unveils photos at script reading

“Destined With You” led by Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon will depicts the irresistible romance of two people who are attracted to each other like fate.

JTBC’s new Wed-Thu drama “Destined With You” tells an irresistible romance between civil servant Lee Hong Jo (Jo Bo Ah), who obtains a golden book that has been sealed for over 300 years, and lawyer Jang Shin Yu (Rowoon), who becomes the sacrifice for that golden book. Director Nam Ki Hoon, who has shown sensuous directing skills through “Kiss Sixth Sense”, “Voice 3”, and “Tunnel”, will grab the megaphone for this series while writer Roh Ji Seol, who opened an era for youth historical dramas with “100 Days My Prince”, will be in charge of the scrip, raising expectations for a well-made fantasy rom-com.

Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon

Director Nam Ki Hoon, writer Roh Ji Seol, and the cast, including Jo Bo Ah, Rowoon, Ha Joon, Yoo Ra, Song Yeon Gyu, Jung Hye Young, Lee Pil Mo, Lee Bong Ryeon, Hyun Bong Sik, Mi Ram, Park Kyung Hye, Lee Tae Ri, etc., participated in the script reading recently.

Jo Bo Ah will showcase her “romcom” acting as Lee Hong Jo, a cheerful and passionate civil servant at Onju City Hall’s Department of Greenery who helps Jang Shin Yu solve the curse. Lee Hong Jo constantly strives to do her best despite being burdened by unimaginable complaints, but she is a person who is already used to being alone. Suddenly becoming the unexpected “owner of the golden book”, she holds the key to breaking the curse on Jang Shin Yoo. Jo Bo Ah is raising fans’ anticipation for the first-episode broadcast with her dynamic portrayal of Lee Hong Jo, who remains confident and calm in any situation.

Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon

Rowoon will take on the role of Jang Shin Yoo, an ace lawyer who waits for the appearance of the “golden book’s owner” who can break the curse that has passed down through generations in his family. Rowoon delicately expresses Jang Shin Yu’s transformation as he forms an unimaginable connection with the “golden book’s owner” Lee Hong Jo and raises viewers’ immersion in the drama. In particular, he is expected to maximize the charm of Jang Shin Yu, who shines and captivates the spotlight wherever he goes, with high synchronization. Above all, the synergy between Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon, who will portray the fateful and thrilling relationship of Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu, is said to be perfect.

Ha Joon transforms into Kwon Jae Kyung, an aide at Onju City Hall whom Hong Jo has a crush on. Hiding a scar behind his sweet smile, Kwon Jae Kyung rarely reveals his inner feelings. The process of Kwon Jae-kyung’s emotional change as Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu become closer, despite their seemingly unrelated backgrounds, adds intensity and tension to the story. His subtle psychological battle with Rowoon and chemistry with Jo Bo Ah also contributes greatly to the drama’s development. 

Actress Yoo Ra will show her unique charm and presence as Yoon Na Yeon, Jang Shin Yu’s girlfriend. As Yoon Na Yeon gradually reveals the true nature that she has been hiding for a long time upon noticing Jang Shin Yu’s special interest in Lee Hong Jo, the tension of the drama will increase.

Jo Bo Ah & Rowoon

In addition, drama fans are also looking forward to the pleasant performances of other excellent actors, such as Song Young Kyu, Jung Hye Young, Lee Pil Mo, Lee Bong Ryun, Hyeon Bong Sik, Miram, Park Kyung Hee, Lee Tae Ri, etc., as people associated to the main characters.

The production team of “Destined With You” said, “The fateful narrative and special relationship between Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu, who get entangled with each other due to the sealed golden book, are very interesting. The process of them solving the mysterious curse will lead to an enjoyable and sweet, yet unstoppable romance”, adding “Please look forward to the bickering moments of actors who will bring the characters to life with their amazing acting.”

Meanwhile, JTBC’s new Wed-Thu drama “Destined With You” will premiere at 10:30 p.m. on August 23rd.

Source: Daum

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