If BLACKPINK can succeed in this, they will become the perfect heir of BIG BANG

If BLACKPINK wins in this “battle”, they are guaranteed to become YG’s second BIG BANG

If BLACKPINK wins in this “battle”, they are guaranteed to become YG’s second BIG BANG

After their successful comeback in June, BLACKPINK has been able to prove to everyone that they are one of the most popular girl groups of the new generation. A magazine even stated that not WINNER or IKON but BLACKPINK was truly BIG BANG’s inheritor.

YG is known for having artists with good digital results but poor album sales. However, BLACKPINK is the group that succeeds in both. They reportedly sold 133,000 copies of their first mini album on Hanteo, which is very impressive for a girl group. In addition, the YG girls are thought to have won over Youtube as well, as the number of views of their latest MV “DDU-DU DDU-DU” has now surpassed 268 millions.

Despite all these achievements, BLACKPINK is said to lack one more factor if they want to be called “BIG BANG’s heirs.”

According to netizens, BLACKPINK needs to prove their touring power as well. Being able to hold concert tours is the only thing a top group can do. YG’s boy groups, aside from their quality music, are famous for their tours, which are said to have attracted millions of fans from all over the world. BLACKPINK are undoubtedly quite new in this aspect, as the YG girl group has only had a few first concerts in Japan.

BLACKPINK is said to have some advantages over WINNER and IKON for not only having good digital sales but also breaking records in Youtube views and album sales. If YG can pay more intention to promote BLACKPINK in Korea and abroad, their popularity is likely to increase more and the day they can go on tours is not going to be far from now.

BigBang BlackPink WINNER ikon

However, it all depends on YG’s Yang Hyun Suk. We have to look forward to his future plans for BLACKPINK to really know if they can become “the second BIG BANG.”

Source: Kenh 14

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