Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon’s “Destined With You” gains significant attention overseas

JTBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Destined With You” starring Jo Bo Ah and Rowoon is gaining significant attention overseas unlike the lukewarm domestic response.

In the drama, Jo Bo Ah plays civil servant Lee Hong Jo while Rowoon plays lawyer Jang Shin Yu, and they engage in a fantasy romance. Lee Hong Jo accidentally obtains a forbidden book that was thoroughly sealed 300 years ago, and Jang Shin Yu becomes the victim of the forbidden book due to the curse caused by the book. This results in a love square between these two with Kwon Jae Kyung (Ha Jun), whom Lee Hong Jo has a crush on, and Jang Shin Yu’s ex-girlfriend Yoon Na Yeon (Yura).

“Destined With You” faced tough competition in the domestic market, with top stars appearing in other dramas such as Disney+’s “Moving” and Netflix’s “Mask Girl”. However, it gained international success thanks to its simultaneous release on Netflix, building a global fanbase. Since its first broadcast on August 23rd, the drama consistently ranked in the top 10 in the “Netflix Top Show” category of the OTT ranking site FlixPatrol and reached No.7 on September 10th. Additionally, it ranked 3rd in Netflix’s “Global Top 10” non-English TV show category, which was announced by counting viewing hours, from August 28th to September 3rd.

Destined With You gains significant attention overseas

Overseas viewers are particularly interested in Jo Bo Ah’s charming appeal and Rowoon’s comedic transformation. Rowoon’s character confesses to Jo Bo Ah’s character in a humorous and ridiculous manner, leading to comical situations that viewers enjoy.

Jo Bo Ah’s previous global hits like “Tale of the Nine Tailed” and Rowoon’s popularity in “The King’s Affection” played a role in attracting international viewers. Rowoon’s performance and the chemistry between the lead actors received positive reviews on the American content review site IMDb.

This overseas success sparked interest among domestic viewers and became an opportunity to increase the drama’s recognition. Viewers left comments in the real-time comments section, saying they started watching the drama out of curiosity due to its popularity among international fans.

Source: Naver

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