Jisoo’s Enchanting Beauty with Colored Lenses and Smokey Makeup

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has revealed her recent photos taken at Paris Fashion Week

On the 27th, Jisoo posted several photos on her Instagram with the caption “Special day with Dior.”

In the photos she shared, Jisoo has a fresh hairstyle, bold smokey makeup, and strikes various poses. Especially, she flawlessly pulls off a black sleeveless dress, exuding a model-like aura and a powerful atmosphere.

In response to this, fans from both domestic and international regions expressed reactions like, “Marry me,” “She is so, so beautiful,” “We love Jisoo so much!”, and “Queen Jisoo of the fashion and beauty world.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that BLACKPINK’s exclusive contract expired in August, but the re-contracting status of BLACKPINK members has not been disclosed yet.

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