Jimin’s “Dimple” performance received the hottest reaction at BTS’s fanmeeting

BTS member Jimin melted the hearts of female fans with his “Dimple” performance which is a b-side track of their group album.

On the 22nd and 23rd, BTS hosted their global fan meeting ‘BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]’ at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park in Seoul.

BTS has met with a total of 258,000 viewers, including audience at the live fanmeeting in Busan and Seoul, Live Play, and V-App livestream.

For two days, the Seoul fan meeting hosted a live play that broadcast ‘BTS 5TH MUSTER [MAGIC SHOP]’ on a large screen.

The ARMYs all gathered at the 88 Grass yard, waved their light sticks and cheered enthusiastically together at the fanmeeting site.

BTS showed fans special performances including ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2’, ‘JUMP’ to re-enact their debut era, and ‘DDAENG’ to showcase the vocal line’s rap skills. In addition, they added to the heat with hit songs such as ‘IDOL’ and ‘Boy With Luv’.

During the show, there was the stage that excited fans to the max and received the loudest cheer, from the fanmeeting main site to the Live Play at the 88 Grass yard.

It was the performance of “Dimple/Illegal” by Jimin, Jin, and Jungkook. They used their emotional tones to express the feelings of “Dimple” which melted every ARMY’s heart.

The choreography for “Dimple” has never been released before, so the fans’ expectations were high.

In particular, Jimin showed his legendary sexy waves during the “Dimple” stage, drawing admiration from fans.

All ARMY immediately fell in love with Jimin’s sexy wave.

ARMYs also filled the scene with loud cheering as V, Jimin, Jin and Jungkook poked at their cheek while singing “dimple”.

Sources: Dispatch

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