Kim Tae Ri, an actress with unrivaled charm, was selected for the 2022 Advertiser’s Choice Model Award

Famous actress Kim Tae Ri was selected as the winner of the 2022 Advertiser’s Choice Model Award.

On October 13th, the Korea Advertisers Association revealed the reason for choosing Kim Tae Ri as the winner of 2022 Advertiser’s Choice Model Award, saying, “Kim Tae Ri has a high level of consumer response and affinity, has a strong professional spirit, and has set an example for others outside of the advertising realm.”

kim tae ri

The award was selected by 200 advertisers, including representatives from member companies of the Korea Advertisers Association.

Kim Tae-ri received a great response from consumers with her lovely and friendly image, which she showed through numerous advertisements such as LG Household & Health Care Oh Hwi, Iloom, Hana Tour, Teazen Kombucha, Alcon Korea, and more.

On the other hand, the award ceremony for “2022 Korea Advertiser’s Night -KAA Awards”, will be held at Westin Chosun Seoul in Jung-gu, Seoul on October 20th.

The event will also feature a special seminar to commemorate the advertiser’s convention, as well as awards for newspaper planning, program and achievement selected by advertisers.

Source: Wikitree

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