Jessica, 2nd Place in “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, Boasts Admirable Friendship with 1st Place Cyndi Wang  

Jessica shows off her friendship with Cyndi Wang 

Renowned Taiwanese singer is currently in the midst of a world tour. Recently, rumors circulated that a special guest would appear at her concert, and that guest turned out to be none other than Jessica.

Before the concert, Jessica sent a video message congratulating and wishing success for Cyndi Wang’s tour. Fans in attendance were touched by the strong friendship between the two.


Jessica and Cyndi Wang formed their bond through the Chinese reality TV show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”, where women in their 30s and above competed for a chance to debut in a girl group. Cyndi Wang secured the first place, while Jessica came in second.

Even after the show ended, their friendship continued. Jessica is often seen hanging out with Cyndi Wang and they both show support for each other.

In an interview, Cyndi Wang referred to Jessica as her “adorable little sister” and expressed her desire to share the stage with her. Despite her busy schedule, Jessica readily accepted Cyndi Wang’s invitation and traveled from Korea to Taiwan. She rented a dance studio and practiced choreography overnight, delivering a fantastic performance alongside Cyndi Wang.

Netizens praised their chemistry, “The visuals and voices of both of them are truly fantastic,” and “Both of them are talented idols.” 

Jessica previously announced plans to release an album and embark on a tour starting early in the year. Her future activities are eagerly anticipated.

Source: Nate

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