Unlike his splendid appearance, Ji Chang-wook has a sad and difficult childhood: His father died when he was young, feeling lost when thinking of his past with mom

Actor Ji Chang-wook talked about his unhappy childhood in a recent interview.

Ji Chang-wook is known as a trustworthy actor in the Korean drama industry. Looking at his bright and handsome appearance, many people believe that he’s from a wealthy family. However, Ji Chang-wook recently revealed his sad childhood full of difficulties in an interview with TenAsia.

Accordingly, Ji Chang-wook agreed to appear in “The Sound of Magic (Anna Sumanara) because his character has many similarities to him. The actor confessed, “My dad passed away when I was really young, so I grew up receiving only the care from my mom. It was a huge loss to my family and I realized the harsh reality at such a young age. There were times when I had problems with money and I just thought of my childhood. I always felt lost. However, it was the great love from mom that helped me overcome those hard times”.

Repaying his mother, who had worked so hard all her life, Ji Chang-wook grew up so well. He shared, “I used to rely completely on my mother, but now she relies on me. She was responsible for me when I was young, so now it’s time for me to take responsibility and take care of her. It was also when I realized that I have grown up”.

Despite being a star, 35-year-old actor Ji Chang-wook still lives with his mother. Upon hearing this story, “national MC” Yoo Jae-seok praised Ji Chang-wook as a good son. Despite living in the same house, he rarely sees his mother due to his busy schedule. However, he still boasts about his mother on SNS. 

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