Jeongyeon (TWICE)’s first comeback with long hair, “I hope everyone will like it”

Jeongyeon said: “I hope that everyone will like my new hairstyle”

TWICE talked about their hairstyle change at the press showcase announcing the release of their 7th mini album “FANCY YOU” held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gangjin-gu, Seoul on 22nd .

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This is the first time for Jeongyeon to have a comeback with long hair since their debut. She shyly said: “Since it is the first time I try this hair style since our debut, I hope that everyone will like it.”

Momo also said: “After a long time of considering, we’ve decided to do something new that we haven’t tried before. I hope you guys will like it.”

TWICE has released their new title song ‘FANCY’ on digital platforms and the music video at 6 PM today.

This new song is a mellow mood pop dance track with colors that are totally different from their previous concepts. Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon are the song’s composer and lyricist.

Sources: Nate

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