Snowdrop’s 1st ep: Jisoo’s acting gets lots of praise but it was a supporting actress who has the most outstanding visual

The first episode of Snowdrop was impressive beyond the audience’s expectations.

On December 18, “Snowdrop” aired episode 1 after more than a year of experiencing many difficulties, even being ostracized by the public.  And beyond the audience’s expectations, Snowdrop is currently receiving countless compliments, especially for the acting ability of rookie actress Jisoo (BLACKPINK). Many people are surprised and incredibly excited by the female idol’s performance. Many people claim they could not have predicted how brilliantly she would present herself as an actress.

Snowdrop ep 1
Snowdrop ep 1
Snowdrop ep 1
Snowdrop ep 1

Netizens’ comments:

  • Jisoo really surprised me.  When I watched the trailer, I didn’t think Jisoo could act so well.  Her chemistry with Hae In is also great; the soundtrack is good; I honestly recommend everyone to watch the drama. 
  • Jisoo is very pretty and what surprised me was her acting ability.  Although her acting is not considered excellent, it’s good enough for a rookie
  • I didn’t expect much from Jisoo, but maybe I was wrong 
  • I believed that Jisoo would do well from the beginning.  She performed pretty well in BLACKPINK’s MVs such as Lovesick Girls, etc
  • I believe Snowdrop will succeed.

In particular, in addition to Jisoo and Jung Hae In, another name that also attracted attention after episode 1 is Yoo In Na. Like how the crew describes the character she takes on, Yoo In Na is gorgeous and mysterious. Compared to a lovely Jisoo, Yoo In Na is much more attractive. In particular, she looks too young for the age of 39.

Snowdrop ep 1
Who would believe this is a 39-year-old woman
Snowdrop ep 1

In addition to public praise, the influence of Snowdrop and Jisoo was reflected by the fact that terms linked to the drama soared to the top of the global trending list on Twitter precisely during the drama’s broadcast. The phrase “nice to meet Young Ro” was also among the top global trending topics.

Snowdrop ep 1

Snowdrop airs every Saturday, Sunday on jTBC.


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