Jeon Somi & Kang Daniel attended the first filming of Produce 48?

These two winners will make guest appearance on this new show which is considered as “Produce 101” season 3

Produce 101, Produce48, Kang Daniel, Jeon Somi
Somi và Kang Daniel are the winners as well as the most famous contestants in Produce 101
On April 17th, a news source revealed that Jeon Somi from Produce 101 season 1 & Kang Daniel from season 2 visited the first recording of “Produce 48” on April 11th.
Produce 101, Produce48, Kang Daniel, Jeon Somi
There will be 96 contestants from Korea and Japan to compete in Mnet’s latest reality show
According to this news source, the centers of “I.O.I” and “Wanna One” appeared to cheer on the 96 contestants who were taking on a new challenge of the show. At the same time, these two famous idols even encouraged the contestants and shared with them some of their experience. Moreover, trainer Kahi from both seasons of “Produce 101” also showed up to support all contestants even though she was in the final stage of pregnancy. Meanwhile, recently, it has been rumored that “Produce 48” will consider inviting the winners of “Produce 101” season 1 to participate in its recording

“Produce 48” is considered as “Produce 101” season 3, but it has many changes. In this show, Korean contestants will compete against Japanese ones. The winning girl group will be allowed to do promotional activities for 2 and a half years. This interesting reality show is scheduled to be broadcast this June.

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