5 times Korean actors get questionable stylings in historical dramas (ft. Lee Dong Wook, Nam Joo Hyuk, and more)

The stylings of these characters make the viewers cringe. 

Character stylings in Korean historical dramas are usually not over-the-top. The costumes, hairdos, and makeup looks in most dramas look subtle and visually pleasing. But in some exceptions, the viewers find it difficult to understand some images of the characters. However, these stylings are still historically accurate so it’s not the fault of the production crews. 

1. Kang Ha Na

Her headdress in an episode of Moon Lovers makes the audience feel tired for the actress. This detail was even accused by Chinese netizens of plagiarism. However, Kang Ha Na still looks gorgeous in this styling with light and natural makeup. 

2. Lee So Yeon

Her image Dr. Jin is beautiful, but some viewers have trouble understanding the styling of her character. It may look uncomfortable, but what she is wearing actually nails historical accuracy. 

5 times Korean actors get questionable stylings in historical dramas

3. Go Sung Hee

Many viewers are not fans of Go Sung Hee’s image in The Night Watchman’s Journal. Her costumes are not exactly from any dynasty, but its design is quite modern with lots of accessories that confuse the eyes.

4. Nam Joo Hyuk

The image in The Bride of Habaek is also a disappointment. In the drama, he wears a very sophisticated outfit with trendy ombre hair and smoky eyes that look very powerful. However, at a glance, Nam Joo Hyuk looks more like an Egyptian queen than the Water God.

5. Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook‘s beauty is perfectly handsome in a modern look, but he doesn’t seem to be suitable for a historical look, especially in The Tale of a Gumiho. In the drama, he appeared with a light-colored wig and a pink outfit that looked like an “ajjuma”.

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