Jeon Somi “I hold power in a relationship” (Witch Hunt)

Solo artist Jeon Somi revealed why she felt pathetic during a date and her position about love.

Jeon Somi appeared on the August 18th broadcast of TVING’s original program “Witch Hunt 2023” (hereinafter referred to as “Witch Hunt”).

On this day’s broadcast, Jeon Somi answered “Yes” to Code Kunst’s question of “During the pre-interview with the production team, did you say you were pathetic?“.

jeon somi

Jeon Somi explained, “I was supposed to meet someone, but they didn’t show up for an hour or two. I kept waiting. I felt pathetic, so I just went home.”

Joo Woo Jae was surprised, “There’s someone who made Somi wait?” Jeon Somi confessed, “I couldn’t reach that person at all, so I waited for an hour or two. Then I thought, ‘I really like this broken-hearted female protagonist vibe(?).’ Even when I went home, I was a bit lost in that gloom.

Hearing this, Joo Woo Jae exclaimed, “It’s a good type(?) of pathetic.” Kim Eana said, “You’re not pathetic at all!” Lee Mijoo asked, “You hold power when you’re in a relationship, right?” Kim Eana agreed, “She must have the most power!

jeon somi

Jeon Somi shared, “I think the person who has a lot to teach in a relationship is the one with power. Based on this, it seems that I hold power in a reslationship.”

On the other hand, “Witch Hunt 2023” is a program that contains the most common concerns and real-life love stories that everyone has experienced at least once but is hard to tell anyone.

Source: Daum

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