Kpop idols from YG Entertainment are the true trend-setters of Kpop

YG artists are not only successful in the Kpop realm, but are also true fashion icons. 

Alongside their music and stage presence, YG idols also rock the world of fashion. Any clothes and accessories these artists wear would soon become a hot trend all across the globe. 

YG Artists
YG idols often create new trends among young audiences. 

As one of the most influential fashionistas of the Kpop world, almost every item of BIGBANG’s G-Dragon went viral among the public. Recently, the male idol has drawn attention when he appeared at the Chanel Cruise 2022/23. 

There, the rapper quickly caught eyes with his rather feminine blue cardigan and mini bag. His phone case, which matched the cardigan and had a cardholder, quickly became a trend. However, it was not easy to create a “cheap moment” with G-Dragon, seeing that he put a whole luxurious black card on the phonecase. 

All items worn by the BIGBANG leaders made waves among the young audiences. 
G-Dragon put a whole blackcard in the cardholder of this phone case. 

Previously, G-Dragon also showcased colorful phone cases through his mirror selfies. The idol seemed to like attaching his credit card outside the cases. 

G-Dragon’s colorful phone cases also became a trend. 
The rapper often showed off his black card by attaching it to his cases. 

In an old Vogue photoshoot, G-Dragon also broke gender boundaries by wearing feminine pearl accessories. Combined with a classy black blazer, the male idol was oozing chicness and luxury vibes. 

G-Dragon brought a new wind to male fashion with his pearl accessories. 
He also utilized pearl jewelry and scrunchies in his latest appearance. 

Besides G-Dragon, the fashion sense of BLACKPINK’s Jennie is also ahead of the times. Her choices of sexy crop-tops always become top-sellers on e-commerce platforms, while her recent low-waist jean is also gaining traction in the fashion world. 

Jennie popularized many crop top fits.
She was also among the spearheads of the rising low-waist trend. 

Previously, while promoting her song “SOLO”, the female idol also kickstarted the popularity of the bobby pin hairstyle, which was soon followed by numerous other idols and fans. Even now, the bobby pin is still a favored accessory to trendy people. 

People were unable to take their eyes off Jennie’s hair clips. 
This accessory became a trend because of Jennie. 

On the other hand, Rosé also became a hot topic after her solo debut. In particular, everyone was talking about the idol’s simple painted nails, and quickly applied the style to themselves. 

Rose Blackpink
Rosé’s nails quickly became a hot trend. 
Rose Blackpink
Simple yet eye-catching, young people quickly adopted this style of Rosé

Finally, during BLACKPINK’s comeback with “How You Like That”, Jisoo’s bow clip was the talk of town. The large-sized bow and half-tied black hair served to highlight Jisoo’s graceful features, and her young lady vibes were all the rage to the public. 

Jisoo’s half-tied hairstyle with large bow clips was the epitome of trendy. 
The classy styling of the female idol was widely discussed. 

Kpop idols under YG Entertainment never fail to create fashion trends, whether it is a clothing item or a piece of accessory. However, not every fan can have “cheap moments” with their favorite idols via these trends, seeing that some, like G-Dragon, own impossible to buy items, such as his black card.  


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