Fans Outraged at Organizer for Zico’s Shortened Performance at IBK Festival

IBK made the mistake, but Zico issued an apology

Zico’s fans are demanding a strong explanation and an official apology from the organizer amid extreme anger.

On September 16th, the 2023 IBK Festival was held at the Suwon World Cup Auxiliary Stadium.


According to the performance lineup and timetable released by the festival, Zico was scheduled to perform for about 30 minutes as the final headliner from 9 PM KST onwards.

However, according to Zico’s fans, encore performances by preceding artists continued during the tight performance schedule, causing delays.

Festivals with numerous artists usually follow the timetable meticulously, and the organizer must pay special attention to this. However, without such coordination, the performance kept getting delayed.


As a result, Zico, who took the stage last, performed for only 10 minutes instead of the originally planned 30 minutes. Zico explained that due to the contractual conditions of the venue, all performances had to end at 10 PM KST, and there was no room for extension.

Zico performed three songs, “Any Song,” “Saebbing,” and “Turtle Ship,” and expressed his apologies. He said, “It’s really regrettable. I really want to perform, and I consider promises important, but it seems there was a contractual limit. Since it is an outdoor performance, there must have been time constraints. I prepared thoroughly, but it seems the next song will be the last one without an encore.”

In response, fans are demanding IBK Festival to officially apologize to the artists and the audience for their lack of effort.


They also claim, “The staff’s announcement and the Instagram notice are inconsistent. It was supposed to be a picnic, but we couldn’t eat, and the stage was K-shaped. The artists were confused. There was a 50-minute delay, leading the artists to apologize.”

IBK Bank, a national bank, previously stated, “Through this festival, we will take the opportunity to communicate with Generation Z.” However, due to the communication breakdown with the audience, they have incurred public backlash.

Source: Nate

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