Jeon So-min, who has been busy with variety shows and dramas filming, suddenly delivers the news about a surgery

A rather sudden news was reported that actor Jeon So-min, who had been busy filming entertainment shows and dramas, was recovering from surgery.     

SpotTV News reported on Jan 21st that “Jeon So-min is recovering after undergoing a foot fracture surgery on Jan 19th.” According to the media, Jeon So-min suffered a foot injury due to a misstep during her personal schedule. 

Jeon So-min recovery from foot injury

The media added, “As a result of a thorough examination, she was diagnosed with a foot fracture and needed surgery on Jan 19th. She is currently recovering.” Accordingly, Jeon So-min is unlikely to be able to participate in the upcoming recording of SBS Entertainment “Running Man”, which has been showing great performance every week. 

Jeon So-min recovery from foot injury

Meanwhile, Jeon So-min is receiving great praise for her passionate performance in the recently ended channel A drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House. Jeon So-min said, “I have realized that relationships are very precious through this work,” and added, “I sincerely appreciate the hard work of everyone who created this series together,” expressing her thoughts on the ending of the drama through her agency King Kong by Starship. 

Jeon So-min recovery from foot injury

As “Show Window: Queen’s House” just ended, Jeon So-min was reported to have started filming her next drama, JTBC’s “Cleaning Up.”  Based on a drama of the same name aired on ITV in the UK, “Cleaning Up” depicts a stock crime that happened after some cleaners of a securities firm accidentally hear about its insider trading. 

Jeon So-min recovery from foot injury

In addition to Jeon So-min, actors Yeom Jung-hwa and Kim Jae-hwa will appear in “Cleaning Up.”


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