Jennie posted photo with Teddy amid rumors of BLACKPINK leaving YG, Jisoo herself confirmed solo debut in 2023

On the last day of 2022, both Jennie and Jisoo (BLACKPINK) made remarkable moves about the group’s future activities.

On the last day of 2022, Jennie posted a series of photos taken in the past year and even a rare selfie with producer Teddy. BLACKPINK and Teddy have an inseparable relationship, but they rarely take pictures together. Therefore, this selfie becomes so special. More importantly, Jennie uploaded this photo in the midst of rumors that BLACKPINK left YG and joined The Black Label – a record label headed by Teddy.


The photo of the 4 girls taken with Teddy, accidentally or intentionally, was uploaded at a sensitive time, making fans believe that, in the future, BLACKPINK will maintain a strong bond with the producer.

Besides, Jisoo herself confirmed that she will make her solo debut in 2023. Specifically, Jisoo answered fans on Weserve, confirming that her solo activities will take place in 2023. Jisoo said, “Please wait for Jisoo’s solo album in 2023!”. After the “Born Pink” tour ended, fans now can look forward to Jisoo’s explosive solo performance.

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Source: Weverse, Instagram, K14

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