Controversy arose over property seizure notice full of BTS Jimin’s private information being leaked… Who did it? 

Amid the belated reports on Jimin’s home being seized from overdue health insurance payments, his private information being unlawfully disclosed is causing controversy. 

In January, because BTS’s Jimin did not pay his health insurance premiums on time, the Yongsan branch of the National Health Insurance Corporation seized his Nine One Hannam apartment in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, which he purchased for 5.9 billion won in cash without a loan in May 2021. The seizure was canceled on April 22nd after Jimin confirmed that he was overdue and paid the entire amount of the arrears.


In light of this matter, Jimin’s agency Big Hit Music released an official statement, saying, “A mistake occurred in the process of receiving the mail that arrived at our artists’ dormitories and delivering it to the artist themselves, some mail was excluded due to the company’s negligence. Jimin was unaware (of his unpaid health insurance premiums).”

bts jimin

However, there is another problem. On April 24th, a notice of property seizure and a notice of foreclosure that seemed to belong to Jimin were leaked on an online community. The post contains photos of real documents such as a property seizure notice and a foreclosure notice.

bts jimin

These documents disclose Jimin’s private information including his real name (Park Jimin), resident number, house address, as well as details related to arrears and seizure such as the period of arrears, amount of arrears, seizure date, and seized property.

The post has been deleted, but screenshots of it are still being spread. Because these documents contain private personal information, netizens are paying attention to how they were leaked and whether they were leaked by someone closely related to Jimin.

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