BTS Jimin‘s apartment was seized due to his delinquency of health insurance premiums

Jimin reimbursed the delinquent health insurance premiums only after 4 seizure registrations were sent. 

According to Biz Korea’s report, it was belatedly confirmed that Jimin (real name Park Ji-min), a member of the world-renowned idol group BTS, was seized by the National Health Insurance Service for failing to pay health insurance premiums. Jimin only reimbursed the delinquent health insurance premiums after 4 seizure registrations were sent. 

BTS Jimin

It was confirmed that the Yongsan branch of the National Health Service seized the Nine One Hannam apartment owned by Jimin, a member of BTS, on January 25th. Jimin purchased this 293.93㎡ apartment for 5.9 billion won in May last year.  

The real estate register states that the cause of the registration is “seizure (qualification collection department-505)” and the right holder is “National Health Insurance Corporation.” Given that the registration of seizure was only canceled on April 22th, three months after the seizure registration, it is estimated that Jimin belatedly reimbursed the delinquent health insurance premiums. During the seizure period, the National Health Insurance had reportedly sent 4 seizure registrations to Jimin.  

Meanwhile, in addition to Nine One Hannam, a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong, Jimin was suspected of speculation after purchasing Jugong Apartment in Banpo-dong for 4.08 billion won in November 2018, which was being reconstructed at the time. ​

Regarding this, BTS’ agency, Big Hit Music (HYBE), immediately released an official statement that night, declaring that Jimin’s health insurance premiums negligence is the agency’s fault.

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