This idol gave a fake phone number to his fans as a joke and has to apologize as someone is suffering from this  

Young-hoon of THE BOYZ apologized as someone was damaged after Young-hoon revealed his fake phone number to his fans. 

The phone number that Young-hoon used to joke with was a real number, and a series of prank calls occurred. On Feb 17th, Young-hoon was communicating with his fans when he read a playful comment that said, “Younghoon, I’m a member of THE BOYZ. What is your phone number again?”

THE BOYZ Young-hoon fake phone number

In response, Young-hoon made a fake phone number reminiscent of THE BOYZ‘s debut date and replied that it was his number. However, the number released by Young-hoon was actually used by a non-celebrity person A. After releasing the fake phone number, Younghoon immediately asked fans not to call the actual number owner, saying he didn’t think it well before saying.

However, fans had made dozens of prank calls to A, and A, who suffered from it, complained of damage. When the incident became a hot topic in the online community, netizens criticized Young-hoon for acting rashly without considering his influence.

They then pointed out that the behavior of fans who made prank calls was also a problem. This is not the first time a non-celebrity suffered damage from fans’ prank calls. In the first episode of the Netflix series “Squid Game” last year, a specific phone number was released without being mosaic, and the actual owner of the number, B, has also complained of being constantly disturbed.

As personal phone numbers are directly related to privacy, it seems that we should be more alert to prevent further such cases.

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