Calm Down Man’s decision for NewJeans, who appeared on his Internet broadcast

NewJeans and Calm Down Man met.

Girl group NewJeans appeared on the live broadcast of the YouTube and Twitch channel “Calm Down Man” on Jan 2nd.

On this day’s broadcast, Calm Down Man showed consideration by turning off the chat function to prevent possible mishaps. Calm Down Man explained, “First no-chat broadcast. I don’t have the confidence to manage (comments). I’m sorry. Viewers may not cause problems, but I’m afraid I’ll forcefully stir up attention.

newjeans calm down man

NewJeans, who appeared on an Internet broadcast for the first time, said, “We got to know Calm Down Man through the buzzword ‘킹받네 (super annoying)’.

Calm Down Man, who made a surprise appearance in the music video for NewJeans’ new song “OMG”, revealed shyly, “It was my birthday on the day of filming, and I was congratulated with a cake. Receiving birthday wishes from NewJeans members itself is something that attracts attention. I didn’t brag because I thought it’d be a fuss.

newjeans calm down man

At the end of the broadcast, Minji shared, “It’s my first time experiencing it (an Internet broadcast), and I really enjoyed it. In fact, I think we’re here to talk about our new song. Both ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ are songs that go well with winter, so please give them a lot of love. The music video also contains many stories, so I hope you don’t miss a single scene and focus on it.

Later, Joo Woo Jae, who appeared together with NewJeans, expressed his excitement by posting photos through Instagram with the caption “The day I was able to be a fan of both Calm Down Man and NewJeans. Hype Boy too much happiness“.

newjeans calm down man

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