The late Steve Jobs in NewJeans’ “OMG” MV? Lee Mal Nyeon and Kim Joo Hun also appeared

The music video for girl group NewJeans’ new song “OMG” is a hot topic.

At 6 PM on Jan 2nd, NewJeans released their first single album “OMG”.

“OMG” contains the title song of the same name and the pre-released song “Ditto”. Based on hip-hop drum source and percussion, the title song “OMG” is a bouncy and exciting song created by going back and forth between UK Garage and Trap rhythms.

Its music video was also released. Like “Ditto”, the music video for “OMG” (produced by the content studio DOLPHINERS FILMS) is set in a hospital.

As soon as the music video began, actor Kim Joo Hun appeared. Kim Joo Hun recently appeared in Disney+’s original series “Soundtrack #1”, ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and MBC’s “Big Mouth”. Kim Joo Hun, who played the role of a doctor, looked at Hanni, saying, “Next person, let’s hear your story.

Hanni said, “I was just confused at first.” Then, she appeared in a new world while wearing rimless glasses, a black turtleneck, jeans and New Balance sneakers. This is the signature look of the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

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Hanni continued, “I didn’t realize who I am and where I am. And I’m starting to get confused between ‘what others say about me’ and the ‘real me’. I finally managed to find out the answer. I was actually an iPhone. I exist for you. When you call, I’ll run to you anywhere anytime. I will show you what you want to see. I will speak for you and sing for you. What do you want from me? My head is always full of this question. Now I am ashamed that I was worried. It doesn’t matter who I am anymore. I exist for you.” Along with this, you can see iPhone’s applications.

Later, when Minji returned to reality and asked “So you’re saying you’re Siri?“, Hanni, who was holding the iPhone, replied, “Yes, that’s correct.” Hanni’s voice was modulated into Siri’s voice.

Then the song started. The visual beauty was outstanding. Cartoonist Lee Mal Nyeon also appeared at the end. Lee Mal Nyeon quietly looked at the picture drawn by NewJeans.

The “OMG” music video is receiving a lot of attention by recording about 1.4 million views on the YouTube channel “HYBE LABELS” in about 2 hours and 30 minutes after its release.

Source: Nate

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