K-drama “Good Doctor” actually has a different original name

The original title of “Good Doctor” was “Green Scalpel”.

“Good Doctor” is a 2013 Korean medical drama television series starring Joo Won, Moon Chae-won, Joo Sang-wook, Kim Min-seo, Chun Ho-jin, Kwak Do-won, and Ko Chang-seok. It aired on KBS2 from August 5 to October 8, 2013, for 20 episodes. Park Si-on (Joo Won) is a savant on the autism spectrum who was sent to a specialized care center as a child, where he was discovered to have a genius-level memory and keen spatial skills. He eventually enters the field of pediatric surgery and faced many different challenges to prove himself capable.

The series’ original title was “Green Scalpel”. In the drama, young Si-on received a green toy scalpel as a gift, which made it quite a fitting title as it was the main character’s favorite item.

Source: daum

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