Japanese netizens search for the ‘ponytail girl’ after seeing the perfomance of TWICE

TWICE had a performance at the Asahi Music Station Ultra Festival in Japan. The beautiful girls of JYP brought their hit songs to the stage, bringing cheers from many viewers.

After the performance, the Japanese Twitter got heated with the phrase “ponytail girl.” Netizens were crazy searching for more information about her. Surprisingly, the “ponytail girl” is not Tzuyu – the visual, but Mina – the quietest member of the group.

Japanese netizens commented, “I don’t know her name, but the TWICE member with a ponytail is astoundingly pretty“, “The member with a ponytail is so pretty, what’s her name?” “I do not know anything about TWICE but look at her hairstyle… The style, the face, everything about her is amazing“, “I like the face of TWICE Tzuyu, but there is also one member who is also very beautiful. Who is she? She tied her hair in a ponytail!“,…

Although Mina is not the ‘center’ of the group, she is often called “goddess” because of her beauty. She is known for her gentle face and elegant, royal vibe.

Sources: tn, twt

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